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Kokon Footrest
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Variér Kokon nestles your body. Variér Kokon responds to your every movement. Lean back and feel how this classic lounge chair provides balance and harmony in your very own personal, tranquil zone.

A compact and classic recliner, Variér Kokon is a modern expression of timeless elegance and unsurpassed comfort. Its compact form, ease of use and classic design make it particularly versatile.

Variér Kokon is a swivel chair that rotates 360 degrees. It can be lowered back to a fully reclined resting position and locked into the reclining position of your preference.

The organic form of Variér Kokon is simple and clean, reflecting modern Scandinavian design. The form is a result of careful and precise planning to create a chair that accommodates your sitting needs perfectly. With Variér Kokon you can sit in several different positions. Variér Kokon gives you support just where you need it, both in an upright position or when leaned back for a truly restful moment.

Variér Kokon is designed with your comfort in mind:
- a pillow to provide extra comfort in a reclined position,
- lumbar support
- armrests to support your upper body,
- a foot stool to rest your legs in a backward-leaning position,
- chair padding to offer support for your body and back, just where you need it.

Fine tune the resistance in the tilting mechanism to your preference. Adjustment handle underneath the chair.
So sit down, recline and indulge!