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A chair or a table for co-working spaces, restaurants, and café environments. Featuring legs made of plywood in HPL laminate or natural oak, walnut or maple veneer. As an option the backrest is available with a seat made of moulded resilient plastic in white, black or silver, or of moulded beech plywood in HPL laminate or in oak, walnut or maple veneer. The chair may be customized with a removable upholstered cushion and made with a broad range of high-performance fabrics. The VANK_PIGI line also includes a round table with the diameter of 80 or 120 cm. The tabletop is made of furniture board in white or graphite and the legs are made of moulded plywood in HPL laminate or in natural oak, walnut or maple veneer.

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VANK_PIGI is a creation full of contrasts – quite ordinary and yet refined at the same time; its wood simple legs make it rather squat, but the smooth lines lend it a lot of finesse and subtlety. Sheen and matte. Nature and design. VANK_PIGI’s ambiguous character will make every meeting space, cafeteria, or restaurant well laid out and homelike. Be it in a one-piece or group setting. VANK_PIGI is a chair featuring legs in a maple, oak, or walnut plywood option, or in HPL laminate, available in white or charcoal colour. The backrest and the seating of the chair are made of flexible profiled plastic available in white, silver, and black.