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What makes the Sticks series of coat stands so unique is the combination of plastic and wood. According to designers Mia Gammelgaard and Ehlén Johansson, however, the idea behind this new family of products is based above all on the plastic hooks. “How can the same hooks be used in different ways? That is the question we put to ourselves,” explained Gammelgaard. Sticks is a new addition to the collection at van Esch, the Goirle-based family business established in 1972, and specialised in the production of cloakroom systems and entrance accessories.

According to the Swedish-born Gammelgaard, the greatest challenge for any designer is not actually designing a product, but coming up with a good idea. By using the plastic hooks in a number of different ways, the designs in this series are suitable for use in a range of situations. The coat racks can for example be attached to the wall, or be used as a free-standing element.

The user can also base his choice on the number of hooks required. Thanks to the uniform use of material, the different models can even be combined. Sticks HJH30 and HJH60, suitable for wall-mounting, come with two and five hooks, respectively. Sticks G+ and Sticks Round, the free-standing models, have five or twelve hooks. The aluminium ring, integrated in both models, offers storage space for umbrellas.

The introduction of Sticks represents a continuation of the collaboration between van Esch and designers Ehlén Johansson and Mia Gammelgaard. The same two designers were also responsible for Spring, the complete but above all flexible cloakroom system from the Van Esch collection. “However, because we have used entirely different materials for Sticks, there is practically no comparison between the systems.”