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The idea for FOLDR was conceived from a need: most brochure racks only have room for a limited number of brochures. The solution that van Ham came up with for this is based on the four spacious shelves on which several magazines and brochures can be placed. ‘But most importantly perhaps is the fact that the focus has been entirely on the brochures and magazines, and not on the product,’ says the designer. ‘It is in fact a perfect tray for the lively covers of beautiful magazines and corporate sales brochures.’

Nonetheless, van Ham has given FOLDR a striking appearance. ‘I was looking in the visual language for a link to the product that is presented: paper. The product is similar to a fragile folded piece of paper. The holes of the shelves are the carriers of the paper. By continuing this pattern throughout the design it has become a light and open product.’

As FOLDR has been made of a single metal sheet the brochure rack hardly takes up any room. For that reason FOLDR, available in matt black, matt white and soft silver, can easily form part of a series. This makes it ideal for project design. Due to the subtle design it also looks good in a living environment. Moreover, thanks the ageless design the rack fits in with various styles of interior design.