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Seat frame in steel rod. Powder coated seat frame. Leather seat: 100% natural leather, tanned in traditional methods to maintain its natural colour and soft feel. Over time the leather will acquire a patina and may also darken due to UV-ligth. Length 82 cm, heigth 65,5 cm, width 60 cm.

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There aren’t a lot of designers who invest their time in creating a rocking chair. Most creators overlook it, labeling it is quirky and redundant. Hannes thinks exactly the opposite. “I’ve always been intrigued by rocking chairs”, he says. “I used to have one here at home, near the fire place: a kid’s version where I hardly fitted in. I would sit in it a lot. I don’t know why, I guess the swinging movement of it reminds me of my childhood. Apart from that, I also enjoy leaning on two legs when sitting on a regular chair”.

Thus, a rocking chair had to be made, which they did after they created their first seats in 2012. In that year Muller Van Severen was appointed a solo exhibition at Interieur Kortrijk called Future Primitives. “It was the first big show of our designs”, Fien remembers. “We had sixty square meters to fill but no furniture to sit on. We were urged to design some.”

Under small pressure of the solo show, Fien and Hannes made their iconic seats with a leather cloth spanned between two horizontal bars. After that, they designed the rocking chair which is constructed by the same principal. Just as with all Muller Van Severen’s designs, transparency is key. And so it swings through the space of the interior without ever covering the background.
Available in a bleak leather that turns dark-brown over the years with a green frame, or in 3 different color options with a fabric in 100% linen.