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Living Collectus Wall panelling
Living Collectus
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Aesthetic lightness and versatility distinguish this wall panelling system with its minimalist personality. Fitted with various modular elements that have concealed attachments for a streamlined result, they make it possible to interpret various aesthetic and functional requirements while customising the kitchen and living room space.

The raised or floor-standing wall panelling is available in modules made of tempered glass, gloss or matt lacquer, wood, plain or lined laminate that can even be mixed together by combining different materials and is fitted with 8 mm thick aluminium or glass shelves that can be positioned at will.

The wall panelling can be transformed into a glass display unit by adding glass doors on suspended runners. These doors are capable of capturing and reflecting the shape of the objects that furnish the home as well as those outside the windows, creating a fascinating game of reflections on the glass.

This system offers additional ideas by suggesting, as well as the usual accessories, a base unit in glass or in wood that can also be used as a top or a seat and can be fitted in the wall panelling.

When requested, the LED lighting system can be integrated in the shelves.

Even for its Living system Valcucine shows utmost attention to the environment by choosing design based on dematerialisation and recyclability as well as on the reduction of toxic emissions and product durability to support the basic principles of environmental friendliness.

Standard wall panelling module H 360 with plinth H 160|220|250|280|340
Aluminium/glass shelves D 180|240|300 max. L. 300
Sliding doors W 90|120