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Zero formaldahyde emission, dematerialized and 100% recyclable structure with glass and aluminium base units

To innovate through solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics is no longer sufficient. The conscious use of materials in a context that takes sustainability into account not only for the production process but also for the product itself is fundamental. Respect for the environment is the common denominator, the ethical imperative that is at the basis of all Valcucine’s projects.
Lengthy and consistent research work in this direction has resulted, in the course of time, in the production of kitchens inspired by the principles of eco-compatibility (produced using a minimum quantity of energy, recyclable, non-toxic and durable).

Valcucine presents the first base unit in 100% recyclable glass having a structure made of drawn, recycled aluminium. For its production, this material requires 20% of the energy required to obtain primary aluminium. The new glass base units’ system is easy to assemble and to disassemble because it is connected using only mechanical joints.
The new and evolved structure with glass base units, slim and with formally very clean cut lines, has been designed to eliminate double side panels, that are also in glass and only 10 millimetres thick. This solution, invented by Gabriele Centazzo, designer and managing director of Valcucine, allows for a remarkable decrease in the volume of materials used: this results in less waste of resources and energy. Lastly, the exclusive use of glass guarantees total recyclability of the unit, absence of glues and formaldehyde emissions as well as absolute resistance to water, steam and heat.

Considering the research and development of Valcucine’s products as a whole, an additional step is still necessary to close the circle of an industrial production that is always attentive to environmental impact. The idea, programmed and that will be implemented in the very near future, is that of picking up and recycling the product when it has finished its life cycle. This way the discarded object will also have an economical value whereas, for most companies, at the moment disposal is a problem and a cost.

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