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Steamer Combi-Steam MSLQ | CSTMSLQ60Hg
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Product description

Do you sometimes wish you could switch on turbo mode when you are cooking and baking? This is possible for the first time with the Combi-Steam MSLQ from V-ZUG. It combines conventional heat and steam with a PowerPlus function (microwave). And this can do much more than heat food: like a booster, it accelerates all cooking processes by around one-third. The three heating modes can be combined any way you wish. For example, steam makes a loaf of bread light and crusty, conventional heat gives it the golden brown colour, and the microwave means it is ready much quicker. Perfect for healthy eating on the move!

Black Glass, designer handle, V-ZUG-Home

598 x 596 x 569 mm

Combined operation Oven / microwave / steamer
Operating time / switch-off time Yes
Food probe Yes
Climate sensor Yes
Integrated recipes Yes
Fully electronic appliance Yes
Electronic clock timer Yes
Plain text display Yes
Cooking space volume 55.0 litre
Lighting 2 halogen bulbs
Time and timer Yes

Steamer features
Electronic Steam System (ESS) Yes
Seam-free cooking space floor Yes
User-controlled descaling Yes
Water Tank 0.9 litre
Vacuisine Yes

Energy consumption - conventional cooking 0.79 kWh
Voltage 400V 2N/230 volt
Energy consumption - convection/hot air cooking 0.67 kWh
Connected loads 5,7 kilowatt
Fuse protection 2x16/1x25/1x16 ampere
Stand-by energy-saving function Yes
Energy efficiency A
Energy consumption 0.79 kWh

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Win rather than just keep up – that has always been V-ZUG’s motto. Our will to win and our know-how manifests itself in V-ZUG’s discovery of the world’s first Combi-Steam oven. The most precious thing we have is our health and the famous saying “You are what you eat” is even more true when you experience food cooked in one of our outstanding steam and oven combination appliances. With a steamer, you now have the best conditions for cooking balanced, healthy meals with pleasure. No other cooking method is as good for you as the pressure-less steam cooker.

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Ulrich Büttner


V-ZUG, the Swiss market leader in household appliances, has spent the last 100 years turning the marriage of precision, longevity and innovative technology with elegant forms and surfaces into a veritable artform. Swiss understatement at its best.