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USM Haller E
USM Haller E
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The furniture, either completely or partially equipped with e-Balls and e-Tubes, is connected to an electricity source. The structure itself conducts the low voltage electricity to the desired location using the e-Balls, e-Connectors and e-Tubes in the furniture. USB chargers or light sources can be snapped into place in
prede ined recesses. For covering recesses without a light or USB connection, dummy elements are available. The power supply is drawn from any point near the ground. The power supply cable is attached to a Haller e-Ball, and the power adapter is subsequently pushed underneath the furniture until only the operating switch remains visible. This means that the power supply requires no cables but rather is integrated into the structure of the furniture.

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Light is more than just a pretty shine.
It brightens, gives warmth, sharpens our perception. It also inherently changes things. Light and energy are now integral components of USM Modular Furniture Haller, illuminating the path to your creative potential. Put the things you love in a new light!

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