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Product description

Attached and freestanding pergola, both flat
roofed and curved versions available.
Extendable in width using 186 cm extension
The Solaire pergola has various types of roofing:
fixed shade, roll shade and bamboo shade.
In winter remove roofing to avoid snow overloads.
Various models and sizes are available and can be
embellished with Caprice side panels
and flowerboxes and with Roof
Garden grilles and flowerboxes.
The Solaire pergola offers great versatility for
made to measure areas to suit any furnishing
desire or requirement. structure: powder coated galvanized iron.
Colour: graphite.
Roofing: fixed shades, roll shades, bamboo shades.

Product family


The Solaire collection in powder coated galvanized iron recalls the traditional Italian and Mediterranean style of creating shade, “rooms” in the open, intimate areas, the decoration of outdoor environments. It is composed of a series of freestanding and attached pergolas, a classic pavilion and the roof garden system. It is totally versatile, offering possible “customized” areas to fulfill any furnishing wish or desire. Attached or freestanding Solaire pergolas are available with both flat or curved roofs and can be widened with 186 cm extension modules. Various types of roofing are available: fixed shade, roll shade and bamboo shade. The Solaire pavilion, complete with steel wire as support for climbing plants, is either round or octagonal. It too can be enhanced with grille panels.

MATERIALS: Powder coated galvanized iron graphite