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Wooden entry doors | ExclusivLine Model 2405
Wooden entry doors
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Wood does not have to be rustic. The UNILUX ExclusivLine effectively demonstrates how a traditional material forms the basis for groundbreaking design. In style, it consistently goes its own way. It is oriented towards the pioneers of the avant-garde, creating an entrance that is a work of art. If your entry door is the entrance to state-of-the-art architecture, then the ExclusivLine models are the perfect choice. You set the creative accent your dream home deserves. Design in perfection: ExclusivLine.

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Modern wooden doors only share a name with their „ancestors“.Good carpentry and appearance alone is no longer enough, becauseenergy efficiency, safety and functionality standards haveincreased dramatically to meet today‘s customer needs.That‘s why all UNILUX wooden doors are development projectsthat demonstrate intelligence and complex engineering.To be able to provide access to these masterpieces to morethan just a select few customers UNILUX mass-producesthem. That means it‘s possible for us to offer these uniquewood products at a price that makes top quality affordable.Wood - timeless and renewable. No matter which options you choose - with our wood doors you always opt for masterful design. Select from pine , larch and exotic wood because we balance the natural resiliency of each species with exquisite design aesthetics.Wood is a material of character, from the individuality of the grain to the color of the glaze. Let us show you the most beautiful side of wood doors.In addition to RAL colors, Unilux offers a selection of transparent and semi-transparent colors (e.g. oak, cherry, mahogany).