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Aluminum clad wood windows | DesignLine Privacy
Aluminum clad wood windows
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“My home is my castle.” Just block the world out. Be undisturbed, footloose and fancy free. This is easy with the aluminum clad wood DesignLine Privacy window. Thanks to integrated blinds, you can create privacy at any time – even by remote control if you wish. Also save on energy compared to a roller-shutter or venetian blind box.

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The only thing modern-day windows have in common withtheir “ancestors” is their name. Good carpentry work andappearance alone is no longer enough, because energyefficiency, safety, and functionality standards have increaseddramatically to meet today’s customer needs.That’s why all UNILUX aluminum clad wood products areinhouse developments, demonstrating an extraordinarydegree of product intelligence and complex engineering.To ensure these masterpieces are not just available to aselected group of people, UNILUX produces them as series,enabling these unique aluminum clad wood products tobe sold at prices which make top quality affordable.Wood creates comfort – it is a feel-good material.Aluminum on the other hand, is a robust protective shieldagainst the elements. Together, they form an aluminumclad wood product which lasts generations without the needfor continuous maintenance.The wood interior does not require UV protection inthe form of coloring pigments in the finish. It can beused in its natural form (transparent stain) thanks to thealuminum shell. The aluminum shield firmly encases thewood, protecting it from the elements while still givingroom to expand and contract and cope perfectly withtemperature fluctuations.UNILUX aluminum clad wood products: THE ORIGINALS.