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Pincettes Shield
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Room dividing-Privacy screen >
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Room dividing-Privacy screen >
Sou...-Sound absorbing freestanding systems >

Product description

The Pincette Shield it is a big divider, which combines the solidity of the concrete base with the absolute lightness of the thin screen, bent with a leaf shape inside the wooden support. The aesthetic of the object is mixed with the functionality of the screen which includes acoustic and visibility privacy.
Suitable for different kinds of environments, Pincette can be used for dividing areas in open spaces, for creating a privacy corner for meetings or chats, for hiding inelegant objects such as beverage distributors or service doors, or whatever other use a divider can be suitable for. Screens can be positioned one next to the other creating an actual partition wall.

160 B x 191 H x 39 D

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Pincettes is a set of open dividers that o ers ways to isolate without encasing the users, respecting their habits when it’s break time. The construction is very simple and is adapted to work spaces making small and quiet islands where you can rest, read, chat or take a nap out of sight. The module is composed by a multilayer panel of polyester and textile pinched in a solid wood structure and fixed to a concrete base or to the ceiling. Pincettes having the double function of privacy divider and acoustic insulation adapts itself, by its great chromatic and typological options, to any space.