Product description

Fellow traveller

Trizo21 introduces a new version of the famous SCAR-LED series, which has already been a hit across the globe for eleven years now. The indestructible SCAR-LED can be found in hotel rooms from Abu Dhabi to Barcelona. SCAR-LITE is the worldly-wise younger sibling. Slimmer, finer and even stronger: SCAR-LITE is a point of honour for Trizo21. Our continuous search for new materials and manufacturing technology provides magnificent results.

SCAR-LITE can be used everywhere, fitted to the wall on a base or built-in. Thanks to the narrow, medium and wide-lens, SCAR-LITE casts three different types of light beams that results in a soft uniform beam of diffuse light across the room. At the same time, this lamp is extremely flexible and very adjustable. A USB port (Apple iOS compatible) makes SCAR-LITE perfect as a bedside and reading lamp. A fellow traveller to brighten your nights.

- Warm white
- Various standard flex lengths available
- Upgraded LED-type lens for three variant beams of light
- USB port

Technical data
Light source:
- 1 x 2W powerLED - 700mA
- warm white: 2700K - CRI >90

- frame: aluminium
- flex: aluminium + metal - silicone
- lens: PMMA

black - white

Product family


The Scar-led is the ideal reading lamp. The power LED delivers more than enough light output for comfortable reading without disturbing your environment. The flexible tube (available in lengths of 200, 400 or 750 mm) allows you to add a personal decorative touch to the fixture and to adjust the lamp to shine exactly where you want.

This range is available in different colours (black, white and aluminium) as well for the aluminium parts as for the flexible tube which is covered with a custom made silicone of the desired colour.

lamp type: power LED
supply: 230V / 350mA