Belviso Set - LED free-standing luminaire with individual room light

The Belviso Set free-standing luminaire enthuses through intelligent separation of direct and indirect light components and excellent luminaire efficiency. The exclusive light framing makes the free-standing luminaire unmistakable, creates a remarkable light aesthetic and accentuates the completely harmonious illumination of the direct light component.

Separation: The functional unit for indirect light is intentionally separated from the direct share.
Room light: The indirect LED spotlight offers the additional benefit of better and individually adjustable room light (LED spotlight pivots by 30°).
Efficiency: A twindesk workplace can be illuminated standards-compliant with just 105 W connected load (73 lm/W).
Unique light aesthetics: The surrounding, exclusive light framing creates a unique memorability for Belviso Set.
Refreshing: Perfect illumination of the direct light emissions assures a harmonious light perception.
Mobile: Sensibly installed roles turn a change of location into an easy exercise.