Aurista LED - Better to upgrade than to update

Aurista LED radiates like a new star in the classic recessed luminaire segment. Blending the LED with a completely new type of optic achieves high efficiency and energy savings up to 56 %. Special reflectors with light-guiding elements form individual light stars creating a unique ambience. TRILUX-specific LCL-Technology always ensures particularly pleasant light, even with own creations in Aurista-Design.

Pleasant: The LCL-Technology (Low-Contrast-Light) generates a unique light effect, and with the LED light stars an unprecedented ambience.
Frugal: The pioneering reflector technology enables energy savings of up to 56 %, and with its new light guidance represents modern, normative lighting compared to louvre luminaires.
Individual: The modular light star as the core enables own creations due to individual clustering and also optimal luminous flux packages – Aurista-Design not only for office applications.
Safe: An LED module designed according to future standards and flexible installation in various ceiling systems from outside with the Linect rapid connection system.