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Pavilion Minimal
Pavilion Minimal
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Pavilion Minimal, as suggested by its name, divides lightness with a minimum effort and maximum lightness, rendering a unique and discreet image. Spaces are not interrupted and in general they are enriched by lightness, light and elegance which Pavilion Minimal transfers to the ambience, in a constant dialogue in the perpetual change between day and night and with the passing of seasons. The result is unique: a fitness of a possible coexistence of rationality and emotions, un miracle depended on updated technology, translated in a unique proposal for man and his feelings.

The constant research and innovation of TRE-Più Lab led to the creation of a warm, elegant and modern finish, in which the tactile sensory experience is combined with the visual one. Soft Touch finish for Planus, Pavilion and Continuum blends with the wonderful TRE-Più paints and the elegant essences for a gorgeous sensation of softness and warmth that make it irresistible to the touch.