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Sombrero, contemporary code
This internal lamp is named after the typical Mexican hat characterised by a large brim to protect from the sun as it reminds of its shape. The wood, whitened ash is placed at the top of the hat that then opens in a wide and curved brim in cor-ten.

The result is an effect of surfaces and materials that go after each other, an idea of materiality within which light is vibrant.

A contemporary aesthetic code, a minimalistic sign for a lamp that offers a mixture of natural materials like wood and cor-ten despite this one is improved by special paints, that make it extremely suitable to contemporary living.

Sombrero is available in the white or black painted version or in cor-ten on the outside and opaque white on the inside, in two sizes: diameter 220 mm and height 420 mm, diameter 500 mm and height 370 mm.

Tipology: Indoor pendant lamp

Materials: Metal/Light Ash

Type of lighting: E27