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Ram, light and matter
Essential and harmonious elegance.

Nordic atmosphere. The essence of RAM is embodied in a long and slim wooden rod, whitened and veneered, held by thin steel wires. A linear and clean aesthetic model that besides exalting the intrinsic characteristics of first class quality shapes and materials, allows for numerous designing possibilities within different residential contexts.

An object that finds its collocation in one’s life with discretion but with great personality, maintaining the strong material impression noticeable in the whole Torremato collection.

The wooden component is in fact, very strong and impresses precise and decisive characterisation to the whole project.

RAM’s shape and the traditional fluorescent luminous beam creates an harmonious dialogue of light and spaces to make residential choreographies with contemporary taste.

The collection includes a swing lamp and a very refined wall light realised with the same materials in three different sizes.

Tipology: Indoor pendant lamp

Materials: Metal/Light Ash

Type of lighting: T5