Product description



In terms of quality of light and energy efficiency, our new XT-A LED OSA office lighting line is a vast improvement on fluorescent equivalents.

A brilliant-white light with a high level of colour rendering (3500K, CRI85) is totally glare free due to the LED OSA grid and is used efficiently without creating multiple shadows.

Our LEDs reflect the colour spectrum more fully than standard fluorescent lighting, allowing better and more vivid colour rendering.

The XT-A FLOOR LED OSA has been designed to replace a typical 4x 55 W floor lamp. An integrated sensor control allows additional energy saving. Various dimming and switching options mean that direct or indirect lighting is possible. In contrast to fluorescent lighting, direct and indirect lighting in LED lamps can be switched on separately from one another.

Breakthrough in LED lighting

XT-A FLOOR LED OSA is the first LED office floor lamp on the market that achieves efficiency of over 100lm/W whilst providing optimal light quality. The energy saving as compared to fluorescent lighting is so significant that, besides its excellent quality and ecological benefits, the luminaire makes sound economic sense as well.

- 10.245lm
- 95W, Standby 0,2W
- 108lm/W
- direct/indirect
- 3500K
- 614cd/m2, 65°
- UGR 11
- CRI (Ra) 85
- 50.000h
- Motion sensor
- Constant light controller
- Switch-dim button
- Swarm function from autumn 2013