Product description

not dimmable
Light source (2 needed per lamp)
LED - 1700lm, white (3500K, CRI=85) - 31W - 220-240V


The XT Downlight has a much lower positioned bulb and thus greater glare suppression than usual. Formally it can be easily integrated into a white ceiling or, if desired, stands out strikingly from the ceiling in black.
Mounting is extremely simple and quick.
Different variants are available - round or square in the colours black and white and for the following lighting techniques: for luminescent material with standup PL-R Eco bulbs that are great electricity savers or with flat-lying PL-R Eco bulbs and a Fresnel lens that makes less installation depth possible and for HCl light technology in order to produce large amounts of light.
Present new at Light & Building is a mount-on variant in different heights in chrome combined with round, black or white lamp inserts.

PL-R Eco, 14W/17W, 1200 lm/l500 lm, 82 (Ra)
HCl 70W NDL/WDL, 6500 lm/6800 lm, 95 (Ra)/88 (Ra)