Product description

2x 50W, GU10, 220-240V, 25°


The cylindrical bone china shades of the wall fixture SHY CUP WALL are atmospherically illuminated. The integrated mains voltage halogen reflector lamps cast directional light upwards and/or downwards.

SHY GLOBE WALL is a mains voltage halogen wall fixture. Available as DUO with two lenses that direct equal amounts of light upward and downward or as MONO with a single lens for up or downlighting.

SHY GLOBE BOX is an aesthetically appealing surface-mounted luminaire that provides bright, glare-free light all round. Equipped with high-voltage halogen lamps or LED, it is the ideal ceiling light for hallways or small rooms, e.g. bathrooms. When mounted approx. 30 cm above the floor, it can also be used as a wall lamp for lighting stairs and corridor areas.