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Go XT Table lamp
Go XT Table lights
Tobias Grau
Tobias Grau
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Table lights-Reading lights
Table lights-Task lights
Table lights-Table lamps in metal
Office lights-Table lights


A completely new light panel - both in technological and aesthetic terms - has been created for the GO XT fixtures. The O.S.A.*-Technology was developed using virtual 3D models in order to form and optimise all elements and reflecting surfaces with regard to the lighting effect. The fixture is fitted with four TC-L 55W compact fluorescent lamps. The proportion of indirect light at 85% produces an outstanding uniformity of luminance distribution within the room whilst at the same time directing an optimum light intensity to the working surface. The reflector surfaces in the head are angled to ensure that the light is projected further forward over the work surface. The fixture is constructed so that glare is manifestly reduced, even more than required by the official standard EN 12464-1. Even at an angle of 55° the luminance limit is less than 1000 cd/m2. The barely perceived light emanating from the head of the fixture leads to a sense of a more even and tranquil illumination of the room. Precluding the need of a dust-cover, the open structure of the fixture\'s head means that the working temperature, light intensity and life span of the lamps are optimised, as is the efficiency of the luminaire itself.

Energy consumption is kept to a minimum as the fixture is equipped with a new automatic motion and light level sensor. The fixture is less prone to dirt and soiling as dust and insects just fall through the openings on each plane. Renewing light sources is completed more rapidly as there is no dust cover to remove and refit.

2G11/TC-L, 55W-827, 4800lm, 1B (interna)
2G11/TC-L, 55W-830, 4800lm, 1B (warm white)
2G11/TC-L, 55W-860, 4550lm, 1B (daylight)
2G11/TC-L, 55W-840, 4800lm, 1B (cool white)
2G11/TC-L, 55W-954, 3000lm, 1A (daylight)
4 pieces needed per lamp.