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The panels from our Stereo range may be used individually or in combination to create pure lines and patterns, or exceptionally effective aerial acoustic clouds of varying sizes, fixed to the ceiling or seemingly floating in empty space.

They may be suspended with vertical or horizontal cable fixings, screwed or clipped into walls or ceilings, or fitted to vertical metal surfaces with magnets.

Stereo panels sizes

596 x 1,196 x 50 mm
596 x 1,796 x 50 mm
596 x 2,396 x 50 mm
1,196 x 1,196 x 50 mm
1,196 x 1,796 x 50 mm
1,196 x 2,396 x 50 mm

- Suspended separately by 4 vertical cables
- Suspended by vertical cables with joining elements
- Suspended underneath frames
- Screwed to the ceiling
- Clipped to the wall
- Fitted to vertical metal partitions by magnets