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WL Partition
WL Partition
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Product description

Single glass partition wall with aluminium profiles occupies a total space of 40 mm high by 20 mm thick (for walls with 10 to 12 mm glass) or 29 mm (for walls with 15 mm glass). The vertical joint between the glass panels is enhanced with an extruded aluminium profile in the same finish as the rest of the structure.

Double glass partition wall with aluminium profiles, occupies a total space of 40 mm both in height and thickness. The profile can be fitted with glass panels measuring from 8 mm to 10 mm. The vertical joint between the glass panels is enhanced with an extruded aluminium profile in the same finish as the rest of the structure.

Solid walls are made with a floor-to-ceiling raceway in aluminium alloy and a galvanised sheet metal load-bearing structure. The metal structure is predesigned to hold solid panels 19 mm thick. The lower and upper skirting board is 40 mm in height, like the rest of the parts of the glass wall. The wall has a total thickness of 104 mm.

Equipped wall panel, enhances the 15 mm single glass solution with an innovative system for anchoring solid panels to the glass panel. It’s possible to build an elegant and lightweight partition wall system, with the functional advantage of adding metal shelves or suspen- ded cabinets with either an open front or a flap door.

Doors complete the system with a series of solid and glazed solutions, with or without the framed door leaf, in both hinged and sliding versions. A rich assortment of accessories (handles of all sizes, integrated door closers, etc.) provide solutions to the different
requirements of operative and executive office space.

Product family


Tecno’s proposal for partitions and equipped walls goes beyond simply presenting the individual product lines to offer a whole gallery of solutions, a personal contribution to the interior designer to study and adapt to the needs of the project with the architect or the customer. This is why Tecno decided to gather together under the name of “Partition”, in relation to the company’s many years of experience in the sector, project solutions and products, interpreting the contexts in which daily working activities are performed. Image and quality with the right return on investment come together to improve quality of life in the office: this effort led to the creation of partitions with very diverse functional and aesthetic features, but with a common denominator in the design proposal as regulates the collections from the point of view of layout needs. Aluminium, glass, melamine facing or wood give life to a collection which the elegance of the solutions is exclusively the product of the designer’s imagination. Several solutions are available for equipped walls and storage cabinets, perfectly integrated with the partition solutions.

The new WL Partition, developed by the Centro Progetti Tecno, responds to the growing technical and commercial requirements of the market. The product can have different types of metal profiles, each of which satisfies these specific functional requirements: glazed walls with single or double glass, solid walls and cabinets. The project develops around the concept of creating a product that can absorb sound efficiently, and discreetly provide the perfect solution for customising operative and executive office spaces.

WL marks an evolution in the walls currently available in the collection, with the following specific features:
. aluminium structure for glazed walls
. galvanised steel structure for solid walls
. specific profiles for all types of needs (single or double glazed with the relative doors)
. equipped walls integrated with the glazed wall, designed by architect Carlo Colombo
. exclusive and innovative functional solutions (locks, door closers handles)
. cabinets, designed by Carlo Colombo, are the aesthetic and functional evolution of the collection
. quick installation