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Nomos 2013 | Special edition
Nomos, an industrial design icon designed by Sir Norman Foster, strongly identifiable by its elegant sup- porting structure and by the harmonic combination with the versatile top, is reinvented this year with new personalized proposals.
In occasion of the 30th anniversary of the cooperation between Foster+Partners and Tecno, a new special edition renovates this timeless classic. The structure, other than in chrome and white or dark grey powder coated, is enriched by a new elegant polished black nickel finish, in combination with new materials for the top.
The already wide offer for the tabletops is implemented by a new elegant option in black marquina mar- ble, together with new variants in thin concrete or solid wood.
These new proposals are available for desks and meeting tables, as to highly exalt the aesthetic value of the spaces.

From classy individual workstations to reception desks, from small meeting tables to large combinable conference tables, Nomos, recognised icon of industrial design, is a versatile and extremely hardwearing product, capable of using to the full the characteristics of the quality of the structure and the tubular metal and aluminium bases. The modular and combinable nature of the worktops make it possible to organise the workplace while enhancing the appearance of the room, giving continuity to the project, whether the layout involves smaller shared spaces or high level executive rooms. The base finishes featured in the collection are chrome or enamelling in white or lead grey, which match with the combinable tops in thick laminated sheet metal, either black or lacquered in white of dark grey; the various types of wood used for the desktops and service tops are featured through out the Tecno collection: graphite oak, light oak, painted walnut wood and mahogany are characterised, as in the enamelled version, by the shaping of the table edge.
The elegant tops in transparent and extra-light tempered glass lacquered on the underside can be freely combined with the other finishes.
The modular wooden cabinets of the Cento series and the cabinets and drawer units of the Basic series, with their range of different colours and types, complete the collection, the elements of which accompany all the workplace solutions, from the most prestigious down to the most functional.