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The long-pursued Cento cabinet project takes shape: a single range of products to be used in all the Tecno executive collections. This original and simple solution is designed to become the underlying theme of the various furniture contexts.
In the Cento collection the sobriety of the design is emphasised by the apparent absence of highly characterising elements; nevertheless, the product is instantly recognisable thanks to the numerous possible combinations by which it may be adapted to both modern and classic contexts. The proposals range from drawer units and cabinets with drop-leaf, swing or sliding doors to storage wall solutions all made in four different modular and combinable heights (as the name itself suggests) in compositions from two to five metres. The series also includes cabinets in fume or frosted glass, accessories that balance the composition of the various forms and add a personal touch, which may be placed on the top of the lower cabinets or on the shelves of the large storage walls to counterbalance the tall ’L’-shaped sliding door. In view of the function of the cabinets, the same finishes have been used as for the other Tecno collections with which the product co-exists, both against the wall and in the centre of the room as dividing elements.