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The Basic system of modular cabinets, made in folded metal finished with epoxy powder coatings, represents an actual element for joining together the different areas in which the working collections of Tecno are used.
The elegance of the design and sobriety of the forms make of the cupboards and drawer units an extremely rich and versatile collection. Their neutral characteristic enables them to be combined both with the powerful design of the Extra Dry series and more refined design of the Nomos range, and are a perfect addition to the space-saving Graphis collection. From the point of view of form the lower open cupboards and drawer units are elegant and stylish solutions that are suited to more distinguished rooms, while the taller cupboards, open or with swing doors, provide the greatest storage space.
The collection also features elements with structural function, providing support for the worktops, and various solutions with removable frame to be used in combination with drawer units and open cupboards.
The modularity between the width, 100 cm, and depth, 50 cm, enables the cabinets to be situated in the centre of the room as an ‘island’, an architectural feature in interior layout with the function of balancing the chosen volumes. The colour, used for the back wall of the open cupboards, characterises the rooms and adds personality to the project; when the same colour is used also for the units with three drawers or the filing cabinets with one drawer it contributes to co-ordinating the overall image.