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TECEfilo Urinal-Betätigungsplatte
TECEflush plates
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Bathroom taps-Flushes >
Bathroom taps-Flushes >

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The slim urinal flush plate with sensor function. Alone or as the perfect companion for linear design toilet flush plates.

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A good feeling
First you see it, then you feel it: Toilet and urinal flush plates are the interfaces where users make contact with TECE flushing technology. In the truest sense of the word: This is because the rich feel of the actuation with cushioned end stop or the actuation of the automatic sensor give the user a feeling for the quality of the technology installed behind the wall.  
The flush plate is more than the business card for our flushing technology: Whether made of economical plastic, out of particularly robust and hygienic stainless steel, elegantly in real glass or slate, controlled at the push of a button or by sensor, classic, geometric or minimalistically modern, mounted flat on the wall or even flush-mounted as part of the wall design – the breadth of colours, shapes and materials available means you’ll find the right flush plate for every ambience. 

As required: top actuation also possible
Different bathroom, different requirements: with TECE flush plates, the flush actuation not only works from the front but also from above. 

Flat, flatter, flush-mounted
Perfect design in form and function. Even in the profile. That's why we've reduced the installation height of many of our flush plates to a minimum. Flush-mounted installation with special installation frame (which is an optional extra for many TECE flush plates) provides an even more seamless appearance – for the urinal too, of course.

Form meets function.
TECE flush plates impress visually – and with even more possibilities for extra comfort and flexibility in the bathroom.