Key facts



Created to meet the specific needs of the retail market, LEDO’ is a new professional projector specifically designed to optimise the performance of LEDs and to overcome their intrinsic limitations.

Due to their extremely compact body and design featuring rounded lines, asymmetric cuts and no sharp edges, these projectors can be inserted discretely and effectively into any type of display area. The base plate containing the power supply unit has a special shape which remains fixed in parallel with the track, thus allowing the LEDO’ projectors to blend into any kind of architectural setting. They come in three different finishes (titanium grey, chalk white and deep black) for incorporating into a variety of different layouts.

In terms of performances, the use of state-of-the-art LEDs is optimised by the combination of innovative precision optics in pure aluminium and wired glass, which ensures an extremely even distribution of light. Two types of light beams (spot and flood) allow to create complex light designs and to illuminate the surfaces of the retail outlet with excellent control of the emissions.
LEDO also achieves excellent performances in terms of chromatic yield with the possibility to choose between two colour temperatures (3000K and 4000K), thus providing additional application versatility.

The duration of the sources and maintaining of their efficiency is guaranteed by carefully designed innovative thermal management solutions: the electronic input housed in a compartment separate from the optic body, the back ring with radial grid in polycarbonate and the ultra-silent forced air system ensure extraordinary heat dissipation.
Additional advantages of LEDO’ are the possibility to orientate the fixture on two axes (from 0°to 90°on the vertical plane and 355° on the horizontal plane), the double-locking system that ensures precision of the pointing devices over time, easy accessibility of the selectors and the need for almost no maintenance.