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Realstone Systems Shadowstone | Arctic White
Realstone Systems Shadowstone
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Product description

Bluestone is a mid grey with a bluish tinge and is stunning. Shadowstone is the most popular profile. It compliments any decor with its smooth linear finish and its vast color palette. The soft variations in stone depth give the panel just the right amount of texture and cast a variety of shadows. Each panel has 4-5 rows of stone and comes in 10 gorgeous stones.


All Realstone System's thin stone veneers offer the beauty and durability of real stone without the installation hassles and weight of full-sized stones. Shadowstone is offered in 11 stones with an average thickness of 0.5” – 1.5”. Each natural stone panel is 6” x 18” with 4-5 rows of stone. They are lightweight and suitable for use on most interior and exterior walls. Made of reclaimed and recycled stone, the panels are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to faux and manufactured stone.