Recessed, round downlighter for general lighting or accent lighting applications .
Suitable for round cut-out of 83 mm diameter.
The lamp is a little hidden for anti-glare reasons, while the inner shape is conical thus providing a nice beam.
The lamp can be slightly oriented over 30° in one direction.

Materials and finish:

Fixture is made in aluminium alloy with textured white powdercoat finish.

Installation and lamp replacement:

The unit is installed by means of two leaf springs for hollow or solid materials.
Lamp replacement: the lamp is held in place by the lampring which can be unscrewed to change the lamp
Indoor use only. Suitable for ceiling mounting.

Technical data:

Cut-out: Round hole diameter 83mm
Installation height: 120 mm (incl. Terminal block holder)
Luminaire dimensions: 90 mm diameter
Weight: 0,3 kg
Adjustability: +/-30° in one direction

Electrical data:

Lamp type: QR-C51 (20-35-50W)
Lamps: 1
Lampholders: GU 5,3
Control gear: not included
Input supply voltage: 12V-50Hz
Connector block: 2x2,5mm² with strain relief
Glow wire resistance: 960°C
IP rating: IP20