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Architonic ID 20176370
Order number LF363000
Year of Launch 2020
LOHKO FLEX 10 is a medium-sized space for up to 8
people. It’s small enough to fit most offices but large
enough to accommodate all the furniture to create an
efficient workspace or a small conference room.

The product is equipped with a
powerful and a quiet ventilation
system. Exhaust and intake
function through the roof element.

CO2 sensors on the product
monitor the air quality. The
indicator light on the control
panel will state the current CO2

Use automatic mode or control your workspace manually.
Lights and ventilation are controllable through the control
panel that is integrated in the product. The control panel is a seamless part of the table
and easily withstands daily usage.

The perforated wall and roof elements provide the
workspace with effective soundproofing and natural
acoustics. Because of this technology the walls are very
easy to clean. Due to the perforation, any accessories are
easy to attach without damaging the elements.

Without a floor structure, the product is agile, light
and easy to assemble. Dividing an open space into
smaller zones is convenient both for functionality
and appearance.

Size: 10 m2
Capacity: 8 person
Surface: Veneer or laminate
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 210 l/s
Weight: 1400 kg
Size: Width 3600mm x Length 3000mm x Height 2400 mm

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LOHKO FLEX is our new product line that enables large spaces of up to 28 square meters. As the space scales, the smart electrics and the soundproofing systems expand accordingly. LOHKO FLEX has no floor structure so it’s agile, light and easy to assemble. The soundproofing is integrated in the perforated walls that are easy to clean and allow flexible attachment of any office accessories. With LOHKO FLEX, you can easily divide your open space into smarter and more efficient zones.


Lohko Flex 10 Oak

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