Key facts

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Universal wardrobe system - from the mini coat rack through to the complete hall furniture concept 

PANAMA came on to the market since more than 30 years and therefore it is a real classic. It belongs to the individual Sudbrock planning programs. The characteristic feature of PANAMA is a semi-circular edging strip on the edge of the body and flush-mounted front panels with mitre jointed body elements.

An optimum space utilisation is achieved by 7 width and 10 height dimensions (with and without base). Panels are also available for all widths in an individual size.

Built over doors, diagonally across a corner, linking different depths or as a gentle quarter-shelf end piece. Cabinets for shoes and storage exactly where they are needed and floor-to-ceiling cupboards.
Panels to accommodate a whole multitude of functional fittings.
No planned PANAMA cloakroom solution looks quite like another.