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Studiotools for agile working
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Product description

Whiteboard stand, stool and shelf in one.

Stand for studio boards: Ideal to place a single Studioboard freestanding - for example next to the desk and continue working on the previously created content. Due to the integrated handle the cube can be carried with the board.
Base for endless walls: When the cube is placed upright, the boards can be fixed at floor level and additional boards can be added with the clips so that partitions or presentation walls can be set up quickly and easily.
Stool with storage: The Cube is also ideal as a stool and therefore offers additional seating. It also provides storage space for a notebook, tablet, bag and other small items during meetings and workshops.

Material: Beech multiplex, matt lacquered
Dimensions & Weight: 40 x 30 x 30 cm; 5 kg

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The Studiotools for agile working are characterized by four main features which make them the ideal tools for agile Teams and Companies that drive for cultural change and new work.

Fast: You need neither tools nor special knowledge. Thanks to consistent lightweight construction and self-explanatory functions, everything can be set up, adapted and disassembled by one person in no time at all.
Mobile: Everything is on wheels - or so light that it can be easily carried. Even an entire Design Thinking Set with 15 Studioboards can be easily moved (also through doors) by one person.
Ultra Compact: 1m² is enough to store 15 Studioboards, 6 Cubes, 2 Easels and 2 Toolboxes. Enough to transform even to most boring spaces into a creative and collaborative hot spot.
Multi-functional: With Studiotools you have countless options with just a few products. Most products combine several functions in one.