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Product description

Two tone cushions in a light and dark grey fabric. Black piping. Sun and water resistant.
This fabric is soft and luxurious and ideal for either outdoor or indoor.

Product family


Cushions and matts for hanging swing chairs.
Various cushion options are available.
Designers and customers often choose to do their own cushions to match their specific project as intended for their own fabric, colour and design choices. Please have a look at some of our options here.

Studio Stirlings’ owner and designer Joanina has an award winning background in visual art, design and advertising but always had a passion for furniture - particularly hanging chairs.
Studio Stirling has been recognised globally for their luxury, handmade swing seats, hammocks, loungers and daybeds. Most models can come with the option of legs or base stand. They are perfect outdoor on any patio, porch, or garden space and looks great anywhere indoors.
Their most popular swing chairs are their BUBBLE, NEST EGG, RECLINER and stunning leather SLING chairs which are a timeless classic that will turn heads and be the topic of conversation.
Joanina draws inspiration from nature and her surroundings - giving rise to Studio Stirlings’ iconic Twig Pattern which features as an option for most chairs, as well as the Jozi / Egoli design inspired by her hometown, the city of gold - Johannesburg, South Africa
These swing chairs and loungers are loved by adults, children and pets alike, creating the feeling of serenity and joy in their cocoon-like shape.
Joanina is open to exploring ideas to create fresh, innovative and contemporary designs - this is how the Lucky Bean and Vegan leather option came to be.