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Sculptures 01 | S1050
Sculptures 01
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Living room/Office accessories-Objects >

Product description

Length/Width/Height: 600/200/1800 mm

Sculpture made of stainless steel, for indoor and outdoor use.
Designed and handmade in germany with the same care, tranquility and craftsmanship which a masterpiece demands.
This masterpiece is the result of a deep fascination with design, passion for craftsmanship and a never-ending search for innovation. Let yourself be fascinated and inspired by our visions that have taken shape.
On our website you can also try our AR-App which enables you to position the sculptures digitally anywhere you wish and let them work their magic on you.

Product family


With the sculptures we wanted to create something that leaves well-trodden paths and invites the viewer to take a new path. To see something in an object that nobody else sees. Our visions that have acquired a physical form, have more and more evolved and are now waiting for their new site in three different collections. From colorful and imaginative to black and classic to eccentric brass: Discover the sculptures of studiobenkert and let yourself be fascinated, irritated and inspired.
All collections have one thing in common - with their size from 1.10 to 1.90 m they create presence in the room, no matter which one you choose.
Every single step in the creation of the sculptures is handcrafted. The design emerges out of love and fascination and the manufacturing is done with care and dedicated craftmanship.