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Mosaik wood Block Nut Split
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Product description

MH08-N - Mosaikholz Block Nuss Split, ca. 360x135x20 mm

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Mosaikholz („tessellated wood“) are decorative wooden panels hand-made from compositions of smaller pieces of lumber to create beautiful mosaics.
The back of these panels is planed for easy installation, while the visible front is uneven with some elevated pieces to emphasize the natural look.
StoneslikeStones uses only European hardwoods of oak & walnut. The split wood used for Mosaikholz accumulates as a result of woodwork in cabinetry and flooring, so that we can benefit from timber to the fullest extent without exploiting our environment.
Our special Mosaikholz „second-life“ follows the same philosophy of environmental sustainability. For this product we strictly use 100% recycled hardwoods, preferably Indonesian teak. The sometimes colored lumber was originally used for fishing boats and beach homes. Once these boats are no longer seaworthy or the houses become dilapidated, we collect the material and give it a „second life“ as a unique wooden wall cladding.