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Maximum reduction of lines to those needed for combining or joining modules
As front and back panels look identical, they can be interchanged
Can be used as free-standing module
Multipurpose aluminium track lends it character

powder-coated MDF
Scratch and abrasion-resistant
Smooth surface thanks to even coating, no plastic edges that detract from the clean design
Pleasant to the touch
Surfaces veneered with high-grade woods
Select, first-class veneers of plain appearance
Use of water-soluble varnish free of solvents
The varnish produces the look and feel of a stained surface.

Insert flap
First item of furniture with foldaway insert flap the size of the front panel
Does not impede freedom of movement in work setting
Specially developed, high-quality hinge
Hinge with integral lock that operates when the fl ap is not pushed fully back in

No handles
No handles on front panel
Push-to-open system for all drawers, flaps etc.

Optional extras
Extras available for the open module

Innovative use of high-grade materials
Specially developed, multipurpose aluminium track for the horizontal and vertical combination with other components and the affixing of the insert flap
Modules of powder-coated MDF, eco-friendly (no solvents used)
High-grade ball-bearing slides with push-to-open mechanism
Drawer frames of metallic powder-coated steel
Drawer bases and back panels of synthetic resin coated board
Easy adjustment of the height, width and depth of front section
High-quality flap support with integral adjustable stop
Exclusive suspension open frame basket in keeping with the plain design of Face

How the horizontal connection functions
Simple assembly via inserted u-profiles
Affi xed using threaded pin (simultaneously horizontally and vertically)
Links the modules horizontally s providing greater sturdiness

How the vertical connection functions
Simple assembly: When the modules are stacked the connection bolt locks into the aluminium track
The same threaded pin secures the vertical connection

With "Face tec", Stilo is extending its modular system with additional depth and arrangement options. Optimally installed, Face tec accommodates all workstation technical and peripheral equipment. The horizontal cabling and integration of CPU, printer and waste bin in the modular design gives the workstation a clean and simple look. Additional drawers as well as suspension-frame drawers offer plenty of storage space directly at the workstation. The push-to-open fronts have no handles to restrict freedom of movement and underscore the simplicity and elegance of the unit.
The surfaces are available in powder-coated or real-wood MDF veneer and are therefore ideal for a wide range of applications.
Because of its optimal height, the sideboard is optimally suited for use as a standalone element or in combination with a table.