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Multiple Sky Bang
Sky Bang
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United States
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >
Interior lighting-Suspended lights >

Product description

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Model - Wood Finish - Metal Finish - Color Temp - Voltage - Brightness

Wood Finishes:
Maple - MA
Walnut - WA
Southern Yellow Pine (reclaimed) - SP
Ebonized Oak - EO

Standard Metal Finishes:
Powder Coated White - WH
Powder Coated Slate Grey - SG
Powder Coated Matte Black - MB

Premium Metal Finishes:
Hand Blackened Steel - BL
Polished Nickel - PN
Brushed Brass - BB

Color Temp:
3000K (standard)
2400K, 2700K, 4000K also available

120V 50-60hz - 120
277V 50-60hz - 277

Standard Brightness ONLY 12V - SB


Country of Manufacture:

Fixture Dimensions:
Big: 120”L X 28.5”W X 22.5”H
Middle: 72”L X 21”W X 16”H
Little: 48.5”L X 16”W X 11.5”H

Bulb length:
Big: (2) x 2ft, (2) x 3ft, (2) x 5ft
Middle: (2) x 1.5ft, (2) x 2ft, (2) x 3ft
Little: (2) x 1ft, (2) x 1.5ft, (2) x 2ft

Canopy Dimensions:
18”L X 18”W X 1.5”D

Stem Lengths:
60” length of 3/8” steel stem included, additional stem lengths available upon request

Fixture Weight

LED Specs 12V (SB):
Light output: 2592 lm
CRI Rating: 94.222
Power draw: 129.15 W
Lutron driver built-in forward phase dimming driver 100%-1%
Fully dimmable-see list for compatible Lutron Controls

Product family


Inspired by the dynamic shapes of exploding fireworks and reminiscent of abstract trees, the Bang Series rides the line between timeless minimalism and playful whimsy. Sky Bangs are comprised of a central metal “knuckle”component which holds six bulbs of differing length. Bulbs can be oriented to provide down-light or uplight. The wooden component is offered in sustainably sourced maple or walnut, reclaimed southern yellow pine, or ebonized oak. Metal hardware is available in powder coated white, slate gray or matte black, hand blackened steel, polished nickel, and brushed brass.

Handmade in New York City from sustainably sourced materials
Wooden bulb element can be reversed to illuminate up or down
Fully Dimmable
Bulbs available in Standard (SB) or High Brightness (HB)

Materials information:
1. Maple
Sustainably harvested in the Northern territories of the United States, this wood is characterized by its light, homogeneous, and minimal grain.
2. Walnut
Sustainably harvested in Ohio, this wood has a classic, rich, medium-brown chocolate tone.
3. Southern Yellow Pine
Reclaimed from demolished New York City buildings, this wood is remarkable for its reddish hue and rich, old growth grain.
4. Ebonized Oak
Sustainably harvested in the USA, this oak is ebonized to have a dark blackened finish while letting the pronounced texture and grain of the wood shine.