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Tubular Wave DB LE
Clinical Faucets
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Product description

Touch-free electronic wall-mounted faucet for clinical and medical use. Activated by wave on-off infrared sensor. Long spout version. The faucet automatically activates when users place their hands in close proximity to the faucet and a 90 second flow cycle begins. The flow can be shut off manually before the cycle is over by placing the hands once more in front of the sensor. Flow time is adjustable by remote control. For cold or premixed water. Powered by a 9V transformer and a dual power battery box for safe operation in case of power failure. Solid brass chrome-plated body, other finishes available. Includes a low battery indicator.

Technical Data:
Power: 9V transformer
Operating pressure: 0.5-0.8 bar / 7.0-116.0 psi
Water supply: Cold or premixed water
Max water temperature: 70˚C
Water flow: 6 lpm / 1.58 gpm (water saving options: 4 lpm / 1 gpm; 3 lpm / 0.8 gpm; 1.89 lpm / 0.5 gpm; 1.3 lpm / 0.35 gpm)

Remote control
Matching soap dispenser
Iron frame from easy wall-mounting

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