Product description

Wall and Ceiling Lamp
Available in two diameters: 420mm/16“ and 550mm/21“. For use with E27/medium base incandescent lamps, 100W max.

E27; 230V 2x100W; 120V 2x100W; IP 40

Product family


High-Voltage Pendant Lights

Hand blown Murano glass made in Venice, Italy. The classical design and porcelain sockets makethis product stand out from the mainstream. Available in two sizes. Suspended with three steel wires, fitted with a
2000mm/79” silicon cable.

Wall and Ceiling Lamp

Simplicity and elegance are the outstanding features of this versatile wall/ceiling lamp.With all it takes to become a modern “classic”. LENS is only available with a hand-blown, white and opal lined Murano glass. LENS is multiple design-awarded.

Wall and Ceiling Lamp

Two versions in two diameters: 420mm/16" and 550mm/22". For use with E27/medium base incandecent lamps or compact fluorescent lamps 1 x or 2 x 26W.