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Austrian sheep’s wool, featherlight alpaca or fine cashmere – wool is unique by nature. Its fine, breathable fibres insulate us against heat or cold, and absorb large amounts of moisture without feeling damp. It is just these properties that protect the sheep, goats and alpacas that provide our wool from the elements, even at extreme altitudes, and make it so pleasant for humans. The legendary blankets from Steiner1888 owe their unrivalled comfort to pure natural wool. That’s why we still only use natural fibres from the best virgin wool for our blankets. Only pure natural wool meets our strict quality criteria and actively supports health and wellbeing.

Steiner1888 has been making its exclusive blankets and fabrics from quality raw materials at its textile mill at the foot of the Dachstein mountain for over 120 years. The process takes over 40 separate steps, and many of them still involve manual labour. Fulling is at the heart of our production methods. The woollen material is kneaded in boiling water, greatly increasing its density. This is what gives it its strength and ideal insulating properties. The fibres are then roughed up, smoothed again, trimmed, ironed, raised or pressed until the fabric is as soft and cuddly as a genuine Steiner1888 blanket is expected to be. And the finishing touches come with the classic Steiner1888 stitching.

150 x 190 cm
50% alpaca
50% merino