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Product description

media:scape Lounge is a seating solution which offers an alternative to traditional sofa for waiting areas. People can move around, work in different postures and interact informally.

Product family


We are living and working in a networked world, and that has changed the very nature of work, as well as the way we work. Collaborative work is more important than ever, and so a networked world demands a connected workplace – one that is highly collaborative, and encourages everyone to participate. A workplace that brings social and technology networks together in an effective, productive and comfortable way. media:scape it´s a combination of furniture and technology that brings people, space and information together to help teams excel. media:scape is a unique solution answering the triple challenge companies’ face in making their workplaces work better - making teams more productive and creative, optimising square meters of collaborative space and providing seamless and instant access to technology and information.