Starshine® core combines the characteristic Starshine® granulate layer with an additional laminated glass panel. Here, the Starshine® granulate sits between the two glass panels, lending the characteristic Starshine® luster to your individual interiors or expressive exteriors.

Areas of application

INDIVIDUAL INTERIORS Whether for floors, wall panelings or other indoor areas, Starshine® core helps create strikingly individual interiors where the direct and indirect interaction with light elements produces fascinating effects.

FLOORS Starshine® core fuses our trademark Starshine® granulate coating with a glass panel. You can also use LED backlighting to create magical light effects in reception areas, for example.

WALLS Our Starshine® core fused glass products can be installed on both fixed and flexible walls, depending on your requirements.

APPLICATIONS Starshine® core offers you a unique range of design options, from furniture surfaces right through to wet rooms or kitchen applications.

EXPRESSIVE EXTERIORS In exterior design, Starshine’s® ambitious goal is to project the unique and design-oriented essence of every object. Starshine® products provide clients and architects with the solutions they need.

ROOFS Appealing architecture from a single source – Starshine® brings exceptional aesthetic appeal to your roof.

PRIVACY SCREENS Starshine® offers a range of options to help harmonize and integrate every aspect of your building’s architecture.

FACADES Transform your building into a real aesthetic eye-catcher with a full-surface facade application or a partial application for walls, balconies or other areas of your building.

Product benefits

* Unique glass finishing technique using patented technology
* Shimmering iridescence and unique light reflections
* Every product makes your project unique
* Individual selection and combination of granulate color and grain size
* Environmentally-friendly through the use of predominantly recycled raw materials and low-energy manufacturing process
* The smooth floor surface is easy to maintain and keep clean