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WuduMate Mobile
WuduMate Mobile
Specialist Washing Co. trading as WuduMate >
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United Kingdom
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Bathroom fixtures-Footbaths >
Bathroom fixtures-Footbaths >

Product description

A moveable appliance to perform wudu in the home and commercial sectors.
Unit: Medium Density Polyethylene
Stool: chromed steel
Colour: Various - White, Grey or Sandstone
Tap: 1/4 turn wall mounted tap
An available accessory includes a vacum pump to empty the unit


A MOVEABLE WUDU UNIT FOR ANY BUILDING REQUIRING A MOBILE APPLIANCE FOR SAFE AND COMFORATBLE WUDU. With built in handle & wheels for moving easily from room to room.  Retractable stool and bowl which can be pulled out for use, and discreetly stowed for storage or for wheeling elsewhere.  A 20 litre upper reservoir which can either be removed, taken to a water source for filling or wheeled to a water source and filled with a hose.  A 20 litre lower reservoir which can either be removed and carried to a basin/drain for emptying or wheeled to a basin/drain and emptied with the accessory - internal pump and hose system.  A gravity fed tap with aerator giving approximately 15 minutes running water for wudu before emptying/refilling