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Fractal 90 base unit
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Wash basins-Vanity units >
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Fractal, a new collection by Sonia, answers the visual conundrum of how an object can look the same from far or near. Breaking the rules of ordinary geometry, the 360-degree asymmetrical design of Fractal visually creates a different piece of furniture, depending on your perspective, to give your bathroom a whole new point of view.

Sonia created the Fractal series based on volumetric ergonomics, allowing full optimization of the interior and the exterior space. In each object, there is a narrower area favoring the passageway and a wider area, maximizing the storage capacity.

The challenge with Fractal was harmonizing the asymmetric and strong lines with functionality – but one Sonia achieved flawlessly. The offset sink creates a generous free space on the countertop; whereas the vanity has an area with drawers and another with a door. Two differentiated compartments that allow storage of a variety of items.

Fractal comes either floor- or wall-mounted. Offering tempered glass legs, the floor-mounted version creates a transparent effect. The wall-mounted version carries a similar floating effect. The collection also comes with a medicine cabinet, equipped with LED technology and a double glass door wall vitrine. It is designed to blend seamlessly with Sonia’s S9 accessory collection.

The Fractal cabinets come in two sizes, while the wall vitrine is available in four finishes. A medicine cabinet completes the collection. This furniture collection complements the Sonia “solid surface” basin.