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Sliding and Rotating System | SL 25 XXL
Sliding and Rotating System
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On the former Bernbacher factory premises in Munich, a square was closed: the Tassilo new build project, completed by Baywobau Immobilien AG, creates a harmonising complement to the existing houses in the immediate vicinity. The city centre location provides a view of the local surroundings, but also means that the balconies are bombarded with noise. A flexible glazing solution has now made the balconies into a much-needed quiet zone.
As early as the planning phase, it was evident to the architect that only a glass enclosure around the balconies would be able to reduce the noise level. The architect and the client opted for the SL 25 glazing system from Solarlux. All 274 balconies have been fitted with a total of 1,679 glass elements. They provide sound insulation of over 11 dB, acoustically shielding both the balconies and the ground-floor patios. The high transparency of the system means the view is as unimpeded as ever. Meanwhile, the slide-and-turn elements allow complete opening of the balcony and patio areas. Residents simply slide the elements to one side and fold them inward to open them. Thanks to the new glazing, both the quality of the space and the spacious character of the balcony are preserved.

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The slide-an-turn system offers a combination of sound insulation and driving rain repellency. The continuous glass surface allows an unrestricted view to the outside, so that the balcony can still be used in bad weather. The sliding panels of the system run in a track and can be pushed completely to the left and/or right and can be opened by turning inwards or outwards.