Key facts

Product description

156 x 75 x H 70 cm


KAMI is a new collection created by the French designer Marc Sadler. Inspired from origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, this new SLIDE products line is composed of a series of modular furniture: the chair KAMI Ichi, the chair with armrests KAMI San, the table KAMI Ni and the KAMI Yon sofa, also with armrests. 

The chairs KAMI Ichi and KAMI San and also the KAMI Yon sofa refer to the traditional origami, covering cuts and folds compared to a few different types of bending under the modern technique: like the armrests that they have a more ergonomic morphology to create comfortable shapes for adapted to the body. A synthesis between abstraction and essential features that are complemented by simplicity and elegance of proportion. The KAMI Ni table, supplied with glass, thanks to its original form it is suitable to all meetings of the KAMI line. This is a modular collection, that can be adapted to all needs, to create multiple solutions to suit every indoor or outdoor spaces. 

As all SLIDE products, KAMI collection is made of polyethylene by rotational moulding technique. It is also available in lacquered finishing, to have brighter and brilliant colours: higher quality and elegance to make the product more easily integrated into every spaces. It is also possible to incorporate KAMI collection with energy saving bulbs or LED technology.