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UltraThin eco+ | Galaxy Black
UltraThin eco+
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Product description

UltraThin eco+ is a thin real stone veneer which is perfectly suitable for interior walls applications and furniture. The surface consists of 100% natural stone and the backing has a cottonlayer integrated. UltraThin eco+ is a less than 1mm thick, extremely flexible and to a degree even 3D-formable stonesheet. Even complex forms and roundings can be realised easily with effortless handling. UltraThin eco+ can be cut with siccors or cutter.
Applications for UltraThin eco+:
■ Interior Design
■ Furniture
■ Wallcoverings
■ Small Objects like light switches or baseboards
■ 3D-Objects

Key facts of UltraThin eco+:
■ 100% natural stone surface
■ thickness: Less than 1 mm
■ weight: approx.. 0,8 kg / m²
■ Backing: Cotton
■ Maximum Temperature: 120°C
■ Flexible Radius: approx. 5 cm

Available standard Sizes:
■ 1.220 x 610 mm
■ 2.400 x 1.200 mm

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UltraThin eco+ is the most flexible stone veneer in our range. A 3D flexibility is achieved through a cottonmesh based backing material. Still UltraThin eco+ has a 100% natural stone surface!
Through it's low CO2 emition transport because of its' light weight and minimal use of stone on the surface,t UltraThin eco+ is especially ecologically friendly.

The natural fiber matt on the back of UltraThin eco+ allows for simple processing and opens further possibilities for the Interior, in furniture manufacturing or creative areas.
With UltraThin eco+ even complex forms and designs can be mastered without a hastle.

The processing is a very unique factor about UltraThin eco+ : dispite the natural stone surface UltraThin eco+ can be cut with a scissors or carpetknife.